First Steps for Help

Getting help at Wells Center

  1. Contact. Your first contact with Wells Center is oftentimes a phone call. As hard as it can be to make, the act of picking up the phone and asking for help is the first step to recovery. A Wells Center staff member will gather your information and concerns and determine whether Wells Center can offer treatment for you.
  2. Detoxification. (Detox is only necessary if currently or recently under the influence.) Detox provides medical support staff and a safe place for the patient to go through withdrawal from alcohol or certain other drugs. Wells Center recommends the patient have an assessment following detoxification for further treatment.
  3. Assessment. The individual will meet for an in-depth interview with trained health professionals to determine if there is a problem with alcohol or other drugs. An assessment can be requested by the individual seeking help or can be referred by family, employers, schools, courts, correctional facilities, health care providers, or social service agencies. Drug testing and breathalyzer are included in the assessment step. All assessment results are confidential.
  4. Recommendation. Based on information from the assessment, the treatment team puts together a treatment program best suited to the individual's needs.
  5. Placement. The treatment recommendation will determine the assignment of the patient to a specific level or type of care. The goal for Wells Center is to place patients in the environment that will best meet their needs.
    1. Outpatient For patients age 12 or older, treatment is presented through individual and/or group therapy sessions.
    2. Intensive Outpatient - Patients at this level are not in residence at Wells Center, but receive more therapy sessions per week than other outpatients while living in a positive support system.
    3. Residential - For patients 18 years or older who are dependent on alcohol or other drugs, a residential program provides the greatest intensity of service while living at Wells Center.